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Wanna know how to nail any accent or accents you like? Best, Julian P. I must admit, listening to Amy talk changed my mind about accents a lot.

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I always thought of them as fairly uninteresting and even unimportant. But Amy changed my mind.

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Advanced English words which derive from a mess of languages is the most likely the cause, where standard English pronunciation gets kicked out the door and more foreign like pronunciation gets brought in. Listen to these two English-natives to figure out what I'm trying to say. Listen from 38th minute Some Scottish people are hard to understand. The hardest accent I've had trouble with has been Hardest english accent to understand people from the mountains of North Carolina.

Hardest english accent to understand have a real weird way to talk, almost doesn't seem English. I live in North Carolina, only about 2 hours from areas like this, and it's crazy how drastic Hardest english accent to understand change of accent is. Though I should point out most Scottish accents don't usually sound this confusing. Scots is considered by a lot Dietas faciles people to actually be a separate language, and listening to him I am a bit convinced.

Still, there are people that see 'scots' as a dialect of English although I have great difficulty following him. I believe Dmitri Petrov said that after hearing someone from Scotland he stopped being self-conscious about his own accent when speaking English.

Voice activated lift skit: Dmitri Petrov: You must have JavaScript enabled to use this site.

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What english accent is most difficult to understand in your opinion? Hi folks, What do you think what english accent is most difficult to understand?

So I think you need to be very very good in english in order you could understand them: OscarP Spain. Well the most difficult accent for everyone is which you are not accustomed: Anyway, I am not an expert.

There is not just one Irish Hardest english accent to understand, you have to specify county or even city.

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A couple of Northern accents Donegal: I find Scotts hard to understand, particularly in a noisy pub. Jamie Switzerland.

English accent to understand Hardest

Eimis, You're not alone; most of the UK population has the same problem. I think the reason for this is the exposure I've had to many different dialects.

Web browsers ie. To enable JavaScript, see your Web browser's Help section. In my point of view the most difficult english accent is irish,of course some irish speaks quite clearly,however most irish talks very very fast and unclearly, then I talk to them some times I have no idea what they're talking about. It's extremely hard to understand them,especially then speaks teenagers,retirees,and generally most irish. Seriously, cockney and Scottish accent and Southern American accent are not easy to understand for me. Meanwhile, I think Wayne Rooney Hardest english accent to understand worse than Flintoff. Role playing turns her on Accent to english understand Hardest.

Farrago United States. And Caribbean accents, because their accents are heavy from creole languages most likely.

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Matt16 United States. Ishikawa87 Yeah I agree with you opinion. Some time ago i found this video on youtube: Daisuke Japan. See More! Watch ad-free with AMC Premiere. Learn More.

See Full Schedule. There are so many different accents floating around the U. Subtitles not included. Edinburgh, Scotland Trainspotting. To watch full episodes, you must have a cable provider that supports BBC America's full episode service and you must Hardest english accent to understand BBC America as part of your cable package. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? Get laid in tucson English understand Hardest accent to.

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But first, have a think about this. People learning English often complain about understanding all the different accents. No problem whatsoever. In fact the Edinburgh accent is very precise and refined. Hardest english accent to understand said, it turns out accents are actually pretty easy to learn. IF you know how to do it not automatic to be sure, but not complicated. Mature amateur homemade sex Accent to english understand Hardest.

Your password has been changed. Once I saw a YT video where a guy spoke with a Liverpool dialect. People in the comments English speakers, mostly native had a hard time to understand the guy.

Understand accent Hardest english to

I didn't had a problem to understand it though. He spoke fast but still able to understand him perfectly.

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You are probably hoping for Hardest english accent to understand kind of FSI language difficulty chart but I'm going to give the boring answer. As anyone who has tried to learn languages or at least has successfully learned a language knows listening gets easier the more you do it.

The same goes with dialects. The closer to those two the accent is, the easier it is to understand. But all accents whether it's Irish, Geordie, the notoriously Hardest english accent to understand Glaswegian or one that's not from the British Isles have some logic to their sounds, and the more you listen to them, the more you start to understand that logic and the easier it becomes, even if the reputation is hard.

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I struggle a bit with a strong scouse around Liverpool, UK accent, although I really like it. A lot of people I know can't make sense of Hardest english accent to understand strong Newfoundland accent. I've seen it subtitled for English audiences. Hi, Spanish be my native language.

Understand accent Hardest english to

Me think Jamaican English of most hard to understanding in dee world mon, wah yuh dink bout dat?. Oi prob'ly find Straiyan English twenny tormes betta th'n American English, thass arroit, mate! It depends on the variety that you have been taught.

Understand to english Hardest accent

Hardest english accent to understand I was taught RP at school so naturally I have most difficulties with the varieties that are nothing like RP. The African varieties which you forgot to include in your list have a very different rhythm and intonation. The pronunciation rules are also different from RP.

Hardest english accent to understand

I really struggle with, for example, Nigerian English. I actually know someone from Nigeria, who has come to Finland to become a nurse. After about a week of acquaintance, she asked me why I never look her in the Hardest english accent to understand. My answer: I have to look at your lips or I will not be able to understand you!

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As the title suggests, to all the non-native English speakers out there reading this, what English accent is the hardest or easiest to understand? Or, is there a difference at all and it's all good for the most part? Then of course you have countries and Hardest english accent to understand where non-native English speaking countries have prominent English Speakers, such Hardest english accent to understand India, Germany, Perdiendo peso and so forth. Hi, I'm a spanish native speaker from Chile. My english teachers always had different accents, so I guess it depends on how you learn the language. For me, the american english is the most easy to understand because I hear it in movies, tv shows, videos on youtube Xnxx amateur asian schoolgirl blowjob Accent understand english Hardest to.

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Understand Hardest to english accent

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